La Gomera by bike

Going to cycle on La Gomera ?

The most striking landscape of the Canary Islands is undoubtedly on La Gomera. The wild landscape consists of a mix of small terraces, palm trees, lush rainforest and mountains that resemble the Moroccan Atlas Mountains.
The island is characterized by deep ravines. There are few roads, but many paths.
There are some tourist resorts on La Gomera, Playa Santiago and Valle Gran Rey. But tourism is small-scale. Even the capital San Sebastian, is not much more than a quiet town. La Gomera is an island to escape the crowds and to embrace nature.

La Gomera on mountain bike

Mountain bikers will enjoy the trails along the rugged ravines and through the misty woods of La Gomera. Temperatures are soft and comfortable throughout the year. You can explore unique routes here, which lead you through fantastic landscapes with bizarre stone formations and unmatched vistas.


A unique landscape

The green north, with beautiful valleys, is the perfect area for cyclists. But the central and southern part of the island also offer beautiful cycling routes through an almost dreamlike mountainous landscape. There are routes for both beginners and trained cyclists.
The whole island is dotted with paths that connect villages, which are excellent for mountain bikers.

Cycling to the highest point of La Gomera

A challenge is to climb the highest peak of the island at 1,340 meters, in the National Park of Garajonay. The mountain can be climbed via different roads.
From Valle Gran Rey the ascent is 27.4 km long with a difference in altitude of 1450 m. The average percentage is therefore 5.2%. The descent to San Sebastián is a long continuous descent with curves and impressive views of the fascinating Roque Agando. This huge rock is the symbol of the island.

El Hierro

El Hierro is without a doubt the most magical and mysterious island of the Canary Islands. Once this island was seen as the edge of the world. The island is known for the giant lizards. The hills with their herds of sheep do not suggest that we are actually here close to Africa. Because of the remote location, El Hierro is less visited than the other Canary Islands. It is therefore also the most pristine island of the archipelago.
El Hierro is suitable for cycling because the road network offers many possibilities. In view of the low population density, there is also little traffic.
There are several bike rides possible, including to the viewpoint at La Peña, which is a work of César Manrique. The road to Frontera leads over one of the most difficult mountain passes on the island. After the 1300-meter altitude is reached, you cycle to the vantage point in La Peña. You can return to Valverde through the beautiful villages of Guarazoca, Erese and El Mocanal.

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